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Cooking and Keeping Warm

Winter is nearing temperatures are dropping and our days are chilly and are nights are cold. Holidays are also around right around the corner. Money is tight and we have to make sacrifices to get by during these hard times. I went to the weather app I have to see what the weather was like. It was going to be very cold so we turned the heat on but it's not cheap to run the heat to keep warm.

To keep the house warm we thought it would be a good idea to use the oven it usually makes the house warmer. We decided to cook a pork roast and cook it low and slow in the oven. Instead of cooking it at the regular temperature and have it cook faster we cooked it at 250°F for about 4-6 hours.

The great thing was not only did the meat cook and fall of the bone it also kept the house warm most of the day. Its still warm and in a few hours we will turn the heat on again to keep us warm through out the night.If we didn't have the children we would probably not run the heat as much as long but there is nothing we can do about it.

We normally just wear extra layers of clothing to help us keep warm without having to run the heat to save money for other things we need. We do dress the children warmly as well but our youngest hates it and every chance she gets the layers come off.

Its the same with her shoes and socks. We put her socks and shoes on and when we turn around she is barefoot and running around. Then she says my feet are cold. We tell her put your socks and shoes on if your feet are cold. NO! I don't want to I don't like having my shoes on in the house I like them off.

Well if you don't like the shoes and socks on when you are in the house don't complain that your feet are cold. There isn't anything we can do if you don't want to keep the stuff on. You either stay warm and keep it on or you keep taking it off and stay cold your choice. So which is it? I guess I will wear my socks but no shoes okay.

Today however we didn't have to hear the complaining about it because once we started to cook the house slowly warmed up and stayed warm for a while and even though it cooled down about 20 minutes later its still comfortable in the house.

How do you keep warm? Do you keep your heater on running throughout the day on a low temperature? Do you wear layers? Have you found a more cost effective way to keep your home warm?

Leave your thoughts on this and any ideas you have on how you can warm the house without having to feel it in your wallet later or cry when you see the electric bill. We are on a prepaid plan which is great because we don't get a bill but it sucks because if we run out of funds then we are not able to power anything on.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 11, 2015, 8:30 PM

On colder days, it is so nice to be baking something and open the oven to check on the food and feel the warmth. The oven really does contribute much needed warmth.