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When does the enlightenment stop and living begin?

I am posting this in random because there does not seem to be a philosophy section or anything of that nature. This is a part of a large philosophical work thing I will release at some point in one or more volumes offline.

When does the enlightenment stop and living begin? There are so many people who think that their lives only have meaning if they are seeking enlightenment or enlightening others. Many of the latter think that enlightening others means constantly telling othes how they should live and conduct their affairs. I have spent a great deal of my life involved in accomplishing The Great Work. Look that up if you don't know the reference, as it is the subject of books not bubbles. In that quest I do seek enlightenment and I do come into contact with others seeking it as well. Most of whom get all stuffy and spiritual about it. By spiritual I mean the trite stereotype of spiritual.

If our enlightenment either in ourselves or in others, is too stuffy, too pushy, too otherworldly then it is of no value and misses the point altogether of this existence. There would be no reason to even be in these temporal bodies if the point of their being is to transcend them. Okay I am going to get a little pushy now in enlightening you. You are here in this material world to experience this material and anyone who tells you otherwise is either an idiot, a liar, a manipulator, or delusional. If you will just look deep inside of your hearts and souls and remember the instant of your birth, in that instant that you knew why you were coming here, you would remember what I am telling you right now. You've came on The Fool's Journey my friends. Welcome to this fabulous material amusement park! Enjoy your trip and stay here!

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