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New owners same Old problems

I recently just moved and shortly after signing a new rental lease for the lot we got a letter saying its now under new ownership and management. This of course came as a bit off a surprise tho us. The reason why is because the last owners defaulted and it went into foreclosure and back to the original owners.

I wasn't aware that they didn't really want the property and were more interested in the money the property was worth. It seems not many people really care for things anymore but more for its value. Our last residence was just sold which is why we moved into our rental which had been vacant for a bit over a year.

Anyway we got the letter letting us know and since there was nothing we could do we just accepted it. About a week later the new park manager comes by and we met. Introductions were made and we answered questions as she said she was trying to meet everyone and put names to faces. She said how things were going to change fir the best. Improvements and repairs were going to be made. Then she says we will need to sign a lease we said we just did last week. Oh no a new one new owners new rules. We have yet to see her again the only improvement we have seen so far is a paved road. Trash everywhere we haven't had trash picked up in weeks. People are piling it on the side of the road others burning it. Trailer park is empty with exception of the few people other than us who own their trailers or were renting who haven't been evicted.

Some people are hopeful because after almost 20 years they finally fixed the roads. We however are not so confident in their ability to improve the place. Are we wrong to be the ones of little faith?

How do you spend $100,000 to pave a road but not bother to spend a dime to pay a trash service to pick up the trash. I haven't complained yet because we have a dumpster for our trash because we are doing some demolition and remodeling and repairs but we don't even have a trash barrel issued to us yet.

To make matters worse than they already are we are being charged for sewage even though we are not hooked up to it. I know this because not long ago we had the septic tank pumped out.

Our mailboxes are still unprotected your mail goes missing and they said we can not place a lock on them to prevent it from happening even if we gave them and mailman the key. As if their fake cameras are fooling anyone. Everyone knows they're fake because if they were real they'd be able to know and stop who ever its breaking into them.

Tomorrow the lady is supposed to be on the property to sign new leases and discuss the problems we need addressed. Let's hope she shows up and doesn't leave us waiting like the last time we scheduled an appointment with her which she blatantly blew off. She scheduled it for 10am and when we contacted her to tell her we were running late by ten minutes she said oh I'm not in the office I am out of town and I won't be back for a while.

Seriously we see no reason to have more faith in the new owners and management than we did in the old or are we wrong for thinking like this?

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allen0187 wrote on November 20, 2015, 7:48 PM

Seems like not much has changed, only the names of peopel you'll be addressing to ask for solutions that won't be happening. ***sigh***