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Understanding each other ! (Part 2)

The life of a woman who, though quiet downs or go through great sacrifice. That the most sacred, is the baby. You should see their eyes Bin rin sweat, his face contorted with pain, but his eyes again filled with hope, filled with love to be able to somewhat comprehend. I say somewhat ok ^ _ ^

So, the woman we have known each other for more than sympathy, love and much more empathetic. But the majority of her images envy, jealousy mutual cover.

I think that everyone is man who also brought in his jealousy, and just more or less how to properly control. Each phrase referring to this, people often associate with women, but not men, the mean generosity. This is never a good habit of thinking positively, not women do not know that. For matters of this nature, sometimes too familiar to women mistakenly believe that they do not have.

Shadow of envy always existed in every corner of our lives. On every issue, every way, they bring a different shape. Particularly emotionally, it always jealous of women comes from men. We can easily recognize them, just as there is human.

-to be continue-

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