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More About Rabadaba

Rabadaba is a free app available in the apple and google app store. I found out about it about 11 days ago and have already made over $34 just for posting and sharing content. The great thing about rabadaba is that you don't have to be a content creator to earn money.

You can share other members posts and earn when someone upvotes or likes there content. So no matter if you are a photographer, take selfies or just want to share other members content you can earn. The great thing about this app is that there are no limits to how much you can post and share.

You also get paid for voting on other members content as well. They pay via paypal on the 15th of each month and just require a $10 minimum. I am addicted to this app and would highly recommend it to everyone!

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allen0187 wrote on November 10, 2015, 12:12 AM

Thanks for sharing this one. I'll definitely research about it before downloading it. Curious if they accept international members.

MegL wrote on November 10, 2015, 3:13 AM

Must have a look at that. Sounds like one of those big bubbles you need to get in on at the start.