By in Persona Paper

Your Cooling Shade

Neglecting my lost steps

Scared to close my eyes

As I might lose sight

Please don’t make a big deal

Out of this with lies

And hidden truths

A burden burns inside

You are now my guide

Suffering cooled by time

Circles around

Have to dispose those thoughts

Pessimistic ways

This place can drag one down

So connect and see

Refuse to wither away

Healing starts with your mind

Optimistic and hope

This burden leaves

With your light

So don’t make this out

To be more than it is

It has to go away

Rusty bars

Can be easy to break

Your light is warm

Your touch a saw

That cuts away the pain

Your shade

Feels so safe

Note: I hope you enjoyed this poem and thanks for the read!

Image Credit » by Unsplash

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