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This Week: Thursday & Friday added with Halloween

Hello guys,

It's a Monday going into a Tuesday at 10:30pm. My day went well had a normal busy Monday. I slept well which was nice. The rain has calmed down for hours, but that's until Wednesday. So, this week is going to be short most students in the district I live in have no school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but I only have Thursday and Friday off. Which means making plans those days. Then this weekend(Halloween)hang out with my brother and mom. Maybe grab a treat in my costume. If you are wondering what I will be this year I'm going to be my favorite animal which is a dog. Hope to get plenty of candy to eat lol just don't want to get sick and have rotten teeth. Hope everyone has a good week. Please be safe this weekend, and stay as dry as you can because I heard it's going to get wet!!

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