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i am here among you once again

yes.i am once again here among you all folk.i am here once again among writing society and a society who is sharing the experience of life and their day and day an night effort for life.

i was just a member of persona paper at the time of its birth.then i lost some where in the world.last night i just made a try to search from the stuff in my mind and i hit this site once again.

i just entered my user name and password just by hit the target right and i just remain smiling..

what have been happening here for the last one year i really don't know.have been there some changes it seem true.i am looking here some names that can click my mind and i can remember them from ex earning site.

hope there will be some one who has been writing with quite consistency.what did exchange rate means???

is the site worth if we spent our time here for earning some extra cash and fun too.

seeking advice to earn 3 to 5 dollar from my 15 article while working 3 to 4 hours a days.

looking forward from all my fellow friends here..

hope to have a happy time with all of you friends

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MegL wrote on October 19, 2015, 11:43 PM

Writing here will earn you "coins". The exchange rate tells you how your coins translate into dollars. 1000 coins will earn you $1.50 You get 2 coins for each unique "view" of your post and 1 coin for each comment longer than 30 characters you make on someone else's post. There are some exceptions to that for people from certain countries. That was explained in posts from MaeLou and EliteCodex , the site owners. If you want to see how to earn best on here, then Corallevang has some very good posts and shows how SHE earns. Her posts also link to some other people who have good ideas on earning.

cheri wrote on October 20, 2015, 12:13 AM

Hope you stay here for good and enjoy sharing your thoughts

LeaPea2417 wrote on December 13, 2015, 7:33 PM

I am glad you are back. If you are patient and continue to write and comment on others posts , you will eventually be able to cash out at the 20 dollar mark. It is up to you on how long it takes.