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Working Hard or Hardly Living?

Over the last month or so, my schedule has mainly consisted of work and class. I went over a month without being able to have the time to go visit my family who only lives an hour away. On top of that, the only time I am able to hang out with friends is on the weekend after work. But every day after I get off work I instantly become tired. The second I make it into my room after a long day (some days I'll go over 12 hours without being at home), all I want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix, but then I get text messages asking to hangout and even though I'm tired, I really do want to see and hang out with my friends.

Is this adulthood? I remember seeing a picture online a long time ago that pretty much said that there are three stages in life: the one where you are young and have the time, but don't have the money. The stage you are young/able to do stuff and have the money but don't have the time. And the final stage where you have time and money but you no longer have the youth or the ability to move and go out and do things as you used to (like amusement parks or hikes). I find that very accurate as I am beginning to transition from the not having money to not having time. I am constantly feeling drained and like I am in need of a long vacation, but I don't want to risk making money so I keep doing what I do, even if it prevents me from having any spare time.

It's saddening to know that this is how life is. I've always been the 'mature' one, planning for the future and what not, but I've never wanted to grow up, I just knew that I had to so I might as well get the mind set for it. I just want to be able to explore the world (or at least the states) a little before I get too far into the career I want and will no longer have the time for it.

What is life?

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Feisty56 wrote on October 13, 2015, 2:25 PM

You ask a universal question...and I think the answer is very individualized. Anything to the exclusion of everything else doesn't sound healthy and usually isn't. I can understand why you're tired after working and going to class, but I'm wondering, too, whether a bit of depression hasn't set in. I suggest you find a way to break the cycle you find yourself in, even if only for a few hours. Take up some of the offers of your friends and family, even if you feel tired. I'm guessing that once you get out of your routine, you're going to find new energy.