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Computer 101: A - Z (Letter D)

Need an assistance, regarding PC parts and software, here's your number one stop in learning computer very easy and basic just like learning A B C.

Software Category
A type of data transfer that is receiving by your computer. Anything that you are getting from the internet is a download that has been sent to your computer.
Example of Download Scenario:
-You are getting a picture from a certain website, and you want to save it.
-You want to try out a new game, but the game company requires you to save the game files to your computer
-If you require some programs like a driver, the computer might require you to grab that file to internet and save it to your computer.

Hardware Category
Is a special kind of processor chip (CPU-Central Processing Unit)that contains two cores. It has the power of two processor (or two cores)that is fused into one chip for efficiency. The advantages of a dual core processor over a single core processor is that, you can multi-task efficiently without bottle-necking the speed of your personal computer. Dual core is the norm of today's computing.
Advantages of Dual Core
Energy Efficient - instead of running two PC , your computer has now the power and efficiency of two pc running on the same pc
Better Multi Task - can run more programs versus single core processors
Better Gaming - take advantage of dual core in gaming for better performance , (a quad core is more powerful than dual core)
Faster Computing - faster computing of tasks because of dual core.

PC Brands with Dual core:
Pentium Dual core
Intel Core i3
Athlon x2
Athlon II x2
Phenom II x2
Celeron Dual core

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