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Cancer Cure

Cancer is a most malignant scourge. But, it is the research to find a cure that continues in fleecing the American public out of billions of dollars every year. For no apparent reason other than greed by the pharmaceutical industry, our elected officials and insurance companies the American public continues to be deceived by the media, much of the medical community and the FDA into thinking that the only way to come up with a cancer cure is to donate more money into it's research. It is this type of merry-go-round by the media that is praying on the publics gullibility with all those obtrusive advertisements we see practically every few minutes on TV begging for more money. It is your hard earned dollars that continually keeps this false pretense that cancer research to be successful only depends on gaining more cash. This type of ploy to dup the public into thinking that only more cash funneled in cancer research will bring about a cure, when in fact they know all along these billions of dollars donated just keeps the advertisers seeking more funds for research. The ever elusive cure continues to elude those researchers just so the money keeps flowing in. Then again maybe there really is a magic pill out there? But, it just maybe hidden behind a veil of secrecy just so the money train keeps right on rolling along.
If the medical community, the media, the insurance industry and even the pharmaceutical industry were really serious about cures for all these dreaded diseases they ought to focus on educating the public on all the forms of authentic medical cures that are already available, inexpensive, and right under our noses. We have to remember that it wasn't that long ago that Chiropractic medicine was looked upon by the established medical community just as valid as snake oil. Today, chiropractic medicine is very much accepted as a form of medical treatment and even a contributor to cures in spinal injures. This type, Chiropractic practice is often a better substitute than surgery, less expensive and much less intrusive.
When it comes to causes of the many types of cancer most everyone now realizes that smoking is very often linked to the onset of cancer. But, there are other more subtle instigators that put one at a great risk in developing any form of cancer. Three major factors that are a direct link to cause cancer. Many don't even realize that good oral hygiene especially infected root canals are great incubators for cancer cells. Another factor is stress levels. One's ability to control stress in their lives is a great deterrent in stopping the development of cancer. Unfortunately today, for many that is not an option. Stress plays a vital role in the weakening of the immune system which increases the risk of developing cancer. Probably, the most influential incubator of cancer in our society today is what is commonly known as the American diet. Foods that enrich white blood cells are imperative in maintaining ones health. White blood cells are important in your body because they enhance your immune system function and help you fight off infections. If you have a low white blood cell count, it may indicate a disease. Another common reason for low white blood cells is undergoing an existing major medical treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy. Increasing your white blood cell count can decrease your chances of getting sick and also greatly diminishes your chances of developing cancer. As we can see the traditional methods for the treatment of cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation also contribute to the demise of white blood cells that protect the immune system from getting cancer in the first place. It is really like an oxymoron by the medical community, the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry when we know that white blood cells protect the human body against cancer so why would anyone go through chemo to stop it's spread when all chemo does is increase the spread of the disease.
But, it is in eating certain healthy foods that increases white blood cells is probably the best method to mitigating the chances of developing cancer. Natural cures that have been around for centuries along with foods that increase WBC are essential in combating all forms of cancer and preventing them from forming in the first place. Cat’s Claw, known by it's more formal name as Uncaria tomentosa is a woodsy vine that’s indigenous to Amazonian rain forests in South and Central America. Its name is derived from its curved, claw-shaped looking thorns, which resemble a cat’s claw.
This bark and root have been used traditionally by tribal herbalists for over 2,000 years to treat a wide range of health conditions, including: chronic inflammatory disorders, bacterial, and fungal infections, arthritis, dysentery, fevers, stomach ulcers and various gastrointestinal issues, and even for birth control. As you can see that this organic root supports the immune system which benefits white blood cells which in turn protects the body against the formation of cancer cells from spreading. Another organic edible source for generating more white blood cells and it's use for treatment in many other diseases and aliments much like Cat's Claw can be found in the cells of mushrooms, algae, lichens, and certain edible plants. These beta-glucans boost the effectiveness of our bodies own cancer eradicating natural killer cells, the white blood cells that are already in our bodies.
When we look at statistics where one third of the population will develop cancer at some point in their lives it would behoove us to realize the importance of organic remedies that have proven the test of time. When traditional methods of cancer treatment charges $350,000 to $850,000 for treating seriously ill cancer patients. A chemo drug called Erlotinib costs $3,500 a month. The FDA approved it as a treatment for cancer because it supposedly improved survival by 12 days. 12 days of living hell. All chemotherapy does is make you sicker. Case in point remember the actor Patrick Swayze he died because of the chemotherapy that was designed to help but instead it put him through agonizing pain and undue suffering. Undue suffering just because he was not given alternate more natural and better treatment options when he was first diagnosed. When you put the actual cost of these so-called traditional medical procedures along with the fact that they do more harm basically the exact opposite of the Hippocratic Oath make you wonder that our medical field is not about the quality of live and the saving of lives but more about money and profits.
Foods such as oyster mushrooms and shitake are especially anti-carcinogenic because of their high levels of beta-glucans. It is these mushrooms that are best suited to destroy cancer cells. Other edible mushrooms have also been proven to boost immunity and have same cytotoxic effects on cancer cells. Not only do mushrooms have the ability to eradicate cancer cells but they are the ones that provide to most power in attacking and killing of cancer cells. Eating fungi and other organic fresh green vegetables along with Salmon actually never have tasted so good. In essence the food production of today, our manufactured food processing, has had a large impact on the rise of cancer in America. The food we ate back 60 years ago was much healthier and as such the rate of cancer was much lower. Sure, there were cancer patients and the known remedy of Chemotherapy back then but, it only prolonged the illness. This was because of the fact that other treatments weren't considered viable, effective and virtually unknown. Today, we know that much of what we eat, lack of good oral hygiene, smoking, and higher stress levels all contribute to why cancer still is on the increase.
Today, when you combine low stress levels, good oral hygiene, a diet rich in beta-glucans, along with exercise, with moderate exposure to natural sunlight just maybe the perfect mix to mitigate ones risk of getting cancer or greatly increase one's ability to eliminate cancer cells and reverse the effects without the need to undergo treatment that by it's design only prolongs the disease, and in many cases makes it worse. Unfortunately, though too many in America today are faced with financial and economic realities that have only increased the rates that cancerous diseases have spread.
When the cost of drugs keep increasing and the ever present pressure to donate more money for cancer research along with the simple fact that most don't have enough disposable incomes to avail themselves to a lifestyle that equates to avoiding those most influential factors in developing cancer in the first place it is no wonder then why cancer rates have only continued to rise. Compounding this reality is that traditional medical treatments still widely supported by the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry has put pressure on members of congress through their campaign contributions to have policies in place that minimizes the chances one has to effectively treat cancer with other non traditional methods. Methods that are known to have better survival and quality of life rates than those so costly medical treatments that only diminishes one's ability to basically survive.
The race to find the cure for cancer has become a money making machine for drug manufactures and the insurance industry. There are cures already available that offer one better lower cost effective treatments to offset and eliminate cancer once and for all. Education and lifestyle changes are essential in negating the effects that cancer has on ones life. Most importantly we have to acknowledge that we are what we eat, and what we continue to do to the environment around us. The choices we make dictates how we are going to live and die.

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