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Dirty Politics and insult must stop

I am very sad right now and I know it is not good for me but I still had to anyway. I just finished my university assignments and went to my face book page only to see very disturbing edited pictures of the president of my country on the social media of the rival opposition party . I felt very bad first and last as a citizen of Ghana and nothing else.

I am of the opinion that politics of insult and editing of useless pictures and putting the head of the president on it for it to look like him is very unacceptable. Yes we as a people enjoy all the freedoms enshrined in the constitution of the republic of Ghana but I do not think we should as a people go far with this. I had personally joined the face book group just as a way to join this party.

But I have a second thought now. I am highly disappointed in the administrator or moderator of this group. I am very bitter as a Ghanaian because we do not respect our leaders but we are the same people expecting them to provide all that the nation needs. Unfortunately, those commenting and saying all the wrongs things happily about this picture and liking it can not do what the president does just to make the country a safe place for us as citizens to live in.

We should be ashamed of ourselves. We say with pride that Ghana is a beacon of democracy. Well I wonder if it includes these things negetive atittudes toward the president of the state.

We seem to lack proper upbringing and do not know how to speak our minds without insulting or defamation of character pr without insulting others. People comment on social media as if they are angels and have the solutions to all the economic and social probmes of the land .

If I had my own way, I would have the moderator of this very group of face book arrested in the next 2 hours to serve as a deterrent to others who would abuse the freedoms enshrined in the constitution which they enjoy to the extent of showing the greatest disrespect to our president.

Instead of channeling our efforts as citizens towards providing valuable suggestions and applicable solutions to advance the progress , the growth and development of our country, we are rather engaging in evil political activities and praying for the failure of government machinery.

These are the same attitudes that were portrayed in other African countries that led to genocide and civil war. We are the same citizens who fail to deliver in our various offices and engage in all manner of illigal deals as if the president was with us whille doing that. We the citizenry are the same poeple who would go to work and never deliver as expected but we get paid anyway only to come back and blame the government of the day for our woes.

What even worries me the moreis that, those engaged in these activities on the social media are the educated.Its a big shame if we are the products of higher educationanl institutions and are technologically advance citizens.

My question is, were we educated to become problems solvers and movers and shakers of our economic growth, development and stability or to come and do what our local illiterate folks never dreamed of doing?. The illiterates are not even involved in this. Its a shame that upon all our education, we are rather those on air, going about insulting and passing derogatory comments, pulling poeple down and trying to make government unseccuessful becuase we are not in power on social media there by making millions of dollars for the owners of social media.

Most of these people involved in these acts called themselves foot-solders of their various parties. hmmm God be our helper as a nation. If these are the traits of footsoldeir then we have a big problem on hand.

I wonder if the politics of insult is a prerequisite for being a foot solder. Its so sad to read some of those comments on the post. I feel like throwing out and I would not mention the link in my post so as not to violate any rules governing post here and the diligence I want to maintain with this post.

However, I call on all political party leaders in Ghana and Africa as a matter of urgency to put some measures in place to regulate the kind of Facebook groups that their so called members open in an attempt to promote their parties. This would go a long way to weed out those who are abusing our political leaders, presidents, members of parliament and all other personalities.

Party leaders should also call their members to order and have a supervisory role over who publishes a post on their behalf on social media. Its very important as most of the youth are destroying the parties on the internet via insults, uncensored pictures and all its related problem to footstool order, dignity and respect that our leaders must be accorded no matter the party that one belongs to. God bless all who have ears, eyes and foresight to comprehend the content of this article. Spread the news , tell the world, proof yourself and alienate yourself from these activities. Lets encourage each other and help develop our nation. Its starts with you.



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africanpen wrote on June 12, 2014, 11:31 AM

Poeple are just messing up the president on social media with impunity instead of providing concrete suggestions