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Too many “Networking” offers

Hello everyone and Good day! Recently I stated to my last post regarding on difference between when I was student and after I graduated.

When some of my friends know that I am earning good amount of money there are so many people offer me different type of networking, well why I will choose to do networking if I am already satisfied on my work? My work is just simply and not much hard than joining to networking,

Networking is not much easy, before I decided to attend some of the seminars from Networking and they said “Look what your upline doing, because you will do the same thing too.” Then I started to think that some of my friends who introduce to me networking are doing “Lies” what lies? Well they said if I invest I will be millionaire tomorrow which is big LOL, and some of my networker friends said “Sell this stuff and tell them this can cure all of the sick.” Wow what a nice soap that can cure cancer, there are times Networking just make me smile, and I can still remember that few year ago there are so many “Networking Companies Turns to Scam people.” Well establishing an networking is one of the best and fastest way to earn money why?! Because establish a company, money will come to you with the help of your members, make a products and let your members sell them, “While the owner of that networking company is just sitting and looking on his daily / monthly statistics of sales or earnings.”

Some of my friend also told me that “In networking there is no boss, all of you are called as a team.” Well my question to myself is, “Really? What if my downline is so good to lie? I can be a “BOSS” how? Because my downline will be the one who will bring money to my pocket LOL

Anyway I just sharing some fun stuffs what happened after I starting to earn my salary :P how about you guys? Have you encounter a person who is inviting you to join “networking?”

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rmgjunkie wrote on June 12, 2014, 11:22 PM

I've been there and done that. MLM is good if you are really into it and if you have an outstanding support group

tech40 wrote on June 12, 2014, 11:53 PM

Agree! But the worst is, they are introducing to people in a wrong way. it is funny to hear that "If you're going to invest, at age 20 you' can retire" which is seems impossible, well if you can do that if you will lie to people just to join under you,