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When I was student versus after I graduated  

Hello guys! And Good day to everyone! Every day I am thinking some changes to myself when I was student and when start earning money. When I am student I only have few friends at least 10-20 people only, but when I got worked every day there are people who is keep on texting to me, contacting to me, many PM’s though Facebook and other. I know the reason why they are contacting me, because they know that I am already earning money, my life before vs. my life today is totally different. When I was student my mother just gave me P300 per day, and on that time every day it cost P260, so I only have P40 for doing other things! Yea I don’t have money for gimmicks, and doing other activities, So nowadays they keep on asking me to hang out do go somewhere else, to drink to do vacations and other activities (I always treat my friends!) hahaha maybe that is the reason why.. nowadays there are 50 to 60++ people around me, they are always with me whenever I go and whatever I do, there are also times that they are at my house.

So if I am going to compare the difference between before and today. I think they are here not because for me, but because I have money to treat them always, what if I start to be selfish? Lol I know most of them will left me ahaha, well I think money is so powerful, it can attract friends, and girls.

There are also times that I am not visiting my facebook.. I think it is already 30days when I last open my facebook, I know that when I open that there will be tons of messages.

How about you guys!? What are the differences happened to your life when you’re student and when you start getting your salary?

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rmgjunkie wrote on June 13, 2014, 12:42 AM

I miss my high school life. But you correct in your observation that student life is different from working life.