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Blender Blowup!

I was making myself a protein shake and I like to put frozen fruit in it. It not only makes it thick but it tastes delicious. Well the blender was kinda stuck on the chunk of frozen fruit so I took a utensil and stuck it down into the blender AND bamm I knew that was a foolish move, ugh. I was suddenly covered in protein shake! It went all over me, all over the ceiling, all over the cupboards and floor. I just started laughing and started to clean myself up first then the rest of the mess. Then I drank my shake. Which I am ending this as I need to make a shake for lunch. LOL! Lesson learned the hard way.

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Dawnwriter wrote on September 29, 2015, 7:20 AM

That must have been quite a mess. Good thing you did not hurt yourself. How is the poor blender anyway?