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Value Your Time

Ever since the school year started a few weeks ago I have been constantly busy. During the week days I have classes then work, usually only having one day off during the weekdays. Then Friday comes, where I have class and work, then spend the night hanging out with friends whether that be going to the bars or a house party.

Then the weekend begins. I've worked the Saturdays and about every other Sunday. But I'm starting to feel the stress of class on top of work on top of sleeping and having a social life.

I will have 3 papers due during the week of homecoming which is in 2 weeks (a torturous thing for a professor to do I believe, because nobody has motivation for schoolwork during homecoming let's be honest). Then on top of things my friend asked if I could help her film something for her sorority and since it is what my major is for I would love the opportunity to do a video project that I can add to my resume. However, I only have two days off next week and they're on days I have classes. And I know how busy sororities can be so I don't know if two afternoons during the week would be enough. I'm just wishing I had a little bit more time right now.

At least our manager will be staying at our store permanently now (she was running two stores) so that should cut back some of my hours, which I'm sad I won't be getting as many hours and thus not making as much but I really do need more time to focus on my schoolwork (especially with 3 papers coming up) as well as have some time to hang out with friends and do things to help my major.

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Feisty56 wrote on September 18, 2015, 6:00 PM

Time is a precious commodity. We each have to decide to put it to best use, otherwise it just slips away.

SyddyHud wrote on September 19, 2015, 5:16 PM

So true. It's strange how quickly time passes by without us realizing it.