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The art of being contented.

The art of being contented is quite hard to do especially if you usually get things that you really wanted but once you will not able to get it, somehow you will be disappointed about it and will keep do anything to get that specific thing. It will be good to pursue to get certain things if you need it but if you just wanted it, I guess forcing other people especially parents to have it will be too much. To be contented is really need to be practice and even hard to achieve especially if you are not used to it and just used to get the things that you wanted. People will have a hard time to sacrifice and to give up not to have certain things that they wanted which I noticed to some kiddos or people today. They will not be contented as long as they don't get what they wanted and even felt taken for granted if they didn't get what they wanted. I am really thankful on upbringing that our parents did for us, the fact that they don't forced themselves to give things that we just wanted and taught us to be contented enough on what they will give to us, to be more concern on what we need and not we wanted. As far as I remember, we don't asked more and instead accept what they give. If they said that they cannot give it, so be it and move on. That's why I am really grateful to have them as parents.

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Paulie wrote on September 12, 2015, 3:31 AM

You are blessed to have great parents who have not spoiled you. Some many young people keep demanding and demanding from their parents because they are spoiled.