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Been A Busy Day

As you could guess from the title of the post, I've been having a busy day today. I wanted to have my first post of the day in the morning (instead of nearly 5:00 pm), but since I've woken up it's been none stop. Wood has to be cut and gathered for winter, had to clean the house for guests coming this evening, bath the dogs (they were smelly), and I got chased around the house by an ill-tempered wasp (until dad finally killed it). Anyways, our guests have finally arrived (they're taking a walk around the property) and I'm taking the time to get this article done before I have to make supper for everybody.

Thankfully, tonight's dinner is chili, which is super easy to make and quite delicious too. However, I sadly can't put any of my hot peppers in because it'll be too spicy for people. Wimps.

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