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Seduction techniques

I really don't believe that any of those techniques even work, if they do, they do in the case where a woman is really somewhat shallow. I have read a few prompts from some kind of a page and the only thing I couldn't stop - is to stop laughing.

I believe that some very funny person put that thing on the internet and even paid a campaign to keep the advert rolling for the months.

I just had to see what is that article ( web page ) about.

I think that many of you noticed the same advert in the bottom of many article and featured entertainment pages.

The fact is, either she likes you or NOT. If you need a special technique - then she is not worth of the attention. The only thing you will prove by getting along with that kind of a chick, is how dumb she is and how shallow you are. Greetings!

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CoralLevang wrote on August 24, 2015, 1:04 PM

Oh, you mean that if I increase my breast size, I will be attractive to men again? *blink*

LoudMan wrote on August 25, 2015, 11:30 AM

I think the confusion stems from men not understanding the basics of attraction and being attractive to a particular woman, in the first place. Then, there's timing. And attitudes, in general. And, none of us are honest about anything we say and we don't really know what we even want, in the first place.

Even for those of us who might know what we want, we're still liars.

I'm just out having fun, when I can. If a woman's up for that, great. If not, no problem.

Now, if we could just get all these religiously guilty people to stay out of the discussion, it might not end up turning all stupid. 😀