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What you can do with premium DeviantART membership

This is a short list of the things that you can do with any premium membership bought on DeviantART but you can't do the same with the Free Account.

Browse more content, more quickly. DeviantART is slow with the art pieces, it will load much faster if you have this.

No ad browsing. In fact there are ads all around, so it can be related with the loading speed. Of course.

Schedule and submit multiple deviations at once. Like I have said, the membership is good for professionals because they will use both of the features.

Change your username. Well, some webpages don't offer this not even with the premium, mostly because of the possibility of the fraud.

Unlock your Stash with 10 GB of storage. In the free version you get only 2GB.

Save 10% off Prints purchases. Prices per piece for the author are rather low. The most of the money that you have earned goes to the printing. You end up with less that a dollar per piece.

Cruise through 400% more deviations per page. Your loading page will be 4 times bigger. I don't see any use of this...

Get exclusive access to archived content. I don't understand what they mean by the archived content. Whose archived content??

Give your journal more pop with custom skins. Yes, this is annoying, you can see the skin, but can't really use it.

Engage and track your visitors with extra widgets and stats . I think that stats of any page is a God’s penalty for us being curious... At the end bad results may kill you, and I don't get why this feature should be so relevant.

Give and get meaningful feedback on your art with Critique. This feature should be free. In my opinion.

Gain instant community privileges. Which are?

Administer more than three Groups. Ah, more gameware...

Access exclusive weekly giveaways. They are not in the cash.. so I am not into that.

Beta-test new site features. I don't need a nerve wreck.

Earn more with exclusive commercial tools. They didn't say which one, but I guess that you get to be featured on the front page once per month. Or something...

Buy your own work at a discount - up to 50% - for gifting or reselling. I am quite able to print it myself! I wanna sell it to others.

Make more money on each sale by setting your own print prices. This is a good feature. I agree.

Promote yourself with Portfolio - your own personalized website and art showcase without any 'dA' branding. There is already a profile page. I don't need more than that.

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