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Computer 101: A - Z (Letter B)


Need an assistance, regarding PC parts and software, here's your number one stop in learning computer very easy and basic just like Learning ABC.

Software Category:
it describes maximum data rate of internet or in a network. It can be a download speed or an upload speed on a network provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

-If your internet speed is 10 mbps, that is your bandwidth speed.
-Faster bandwidth means faster internet connection(DSL), while slower bandwidth means slow connection (Dial Up)

Hardware Category
A bootdisk is not a computer harddisk but in some cases it does and holds OS to make a PC boot to its OS's environment. It can be either a floppy disk, cd-rom, dvd-rom, usb, harddrive & SSD. Usually bootdisk are use to boot OS (Operating System) . It can be use for installation of new OS or repairing of OS or to run program. To install any OS it needs a bootdisk to work and to run.If a PC can't find any bootdisk it is only booted to DOS.
Floppy disk - legacy OS installer, it can install windows 95 OS es
CD Rom - famous for it's installer of Windows X P
DVD - installer for Windows Vista, 7 & 8 OS
HARDDRIVE - this is where the OS is installed, traditional bootdisk for all PC around the world
SSD (Solid State Drive) - Holds OS, 10-20x faster than Harddisk, Fastest Bootdisk to date
USB - can become a bootdisk of OS installers, fastest way around to install OS to PC


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