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Watch Sarathi Baba MMS Scandal

Santosh Raul was a simple man of Orisha. He was not earning enough to lead a satisfactory life. He was looking for opportunity. One fine day, he decided to do something amazing. He sat in a field and started to give sermon to women. Some of them got attracted with his nice words. On the next day, he told that he is the incarnation of none other than Lord Krishna.

This is how Sarathi Baba or Santosh Raul became famous in Orisha and parts of Chhatisgarh.

However, it seems some bad days are ahead for him.

A local Telugu news channel has done a sting operation. In the video, Sarathi Baba is seen making physical relationship with a young girl in a 4 star hotel. The channel has also given some proof. The video was shot in Hyderabad. The MMS video has become quite viral on Facebook and WhatsApp.

We have already seen many self proclaimed Hindu Godmen behind bars or in news for all thewrong reasons. Isn’t it time that we should ignore the claims of incarnation. Remember, these babas are bringing bad names for the great Hindu religion.

Ponder over these issues.

Click on the following link to watch the video of Sarathi Baba with young girl.

Sarathi Baba MMS Scandal

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MegL wrote on August 10, 2015, 1:57 AM

There are many men of all religions who have made claims or committed acts that brought shame to them and their religions, however, true believers in any religion will accept that any "dirt" clings to the false proclaimer and does not harm their religion. It is always a great pity when people play falsely with others' beliefs and practices.