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My Annoying Ant Problem...not as many..where did they go.?

Hey guys,

I remember as the weather started to warm up before the school year ended we started to get ants, and I mean slowly they started to get worse. Usually they'd only get worse if we forgot to clean a mess, but man some places we didn't expect they'd crawl around like my lunch box even when it was zipped well. Two times I accidentally brought ants to my program class which embarrassed me a bit because I am mostly clean at home not dirty. So, as the school year finally finished this didn't mean they went away temporarily they still would come. They would even crawl on my dining table. Drove me nuts. But, since what June or July ish it's as if they have calmed down a bit because I haven't bee seeing them as often. That doesn't mean we don't ever see any just not as much. Some days I'll see tiny baby ants or spiders now, but otherwise the ant deal isn't like it was. What I have realized is in a month in a half they will be gone for a while. Can't wait when that comes. There's days I do wonder though''where did they all go?''. Hmmm...

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cheri wrote on August 1, 2015, 9:21 AM

I also have an ant problem in the house and its hard to get rid of them

LeaPea2417 wrote on August 1, 2015, 11:27 AM

We have that problem with those real tiny sugar ants each Spring through summer. It doesn't matter how clean we keep the kitchen, they will just appear. The one thing that does help is pest spray that my husband buys. He will use it spray inside and in the outside edges of the house.