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Hi Miserable Heatwave

Hey guys,

It is almost 2am which means it's pretty much August 1st. Crazy Summer vacation is half way over. Anyway. Hours ago it hit 100 degrees, but the day before today was 103. Yuck. I haven't gone out much due to the heatwave. Earlier I got super grumpy over the heat that I tried every few hours to stay cool the best ways I could since we don't have a clue how to install our air conditioner. Not sure how simple it is to get installed on a third floor apartment. The window doesn't slide up or down it slides left or right instead. The instructions per landlord in support bracket to hold the weight. The window is different from the diagram. This is frustrating because it's felt awful in my place when we have a hot day again and it's taking us this long to get it setup. Thankfully we have fans even though they don't fully cut it. If you are on a third floor apartment and you have your ac up your welcome to write down in a comment how you set yours up because we don't have a clue. You can also put a link down too. Anyway. Thank god this stupid heatwave is leaving next week until I come to annoyingly find out the week after that will get hot''again''possibly hopefully not. Hope all are staying cool have a good weekend:)

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cheri wrote on August 1, 2015, 9:24 AM

Yes it is really August now here too. But its 9:25 in the evening so its close to 2nd of August. Have a nice day

LeaPea2417 wrote on August 1, 2015, 11:29 AM

Thank goodness for air conditioners! We live in the South East of America and I don't know how anyone lived here in the past generations without air conditioning in the heat of the summer months!

Shellyann36 wrote on August 5, 2015, 2:12 AM

Heat can cause major attitudes. Everyone gets annoyed when they are overheated. I have no idea how to get your AC sorted out. You would think that the landlord would install it for you.