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Worn to a Frazzle

Never mind a on legs, today, Matthew, I have mainly been a pot on legs.

Bossgal had day 1 of a big 2 day meeting with an external agency and so both her PA and I were pressed into service to run round and get several rounds of coffee for the team of 6-8 who were in. A bunch of extremely dour Scotsmen (really didn't do anything for the reputation of that fine counyry and its people) and a somewhat abrupt female seemed to comprise the visiting dignitaries, not that I was allowed close enough to do more than bow, scrape, hand the drinks tray to bossgal and pick up pieces of quivering brain when she shot out at lunchtime and took refuge in the office for a while.

I was up and down the stairs like a yo-yo today, really did burn some calories. It took me 90 minutes to eat my lunch in snatched bites as I raced around between kitchen and meeting room, over to the food court to get their food and back to the office again.

Meanwhile, upstairs, the Divisional Director was entertaining (if that's the right word!) the assessment team, who were back again to see him as they didn't get a chance earlier this month.

Top that off with a lengthy and slow wander around the store on the way home and it's safe to say I am utterly cream crackered.

Rinse and repeat tomorrow, mind, except for the lengthy and slow wander around the store.

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