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Yesterday, and my start to Sunday today..


So, yesterday I didn't do a whole lot accept grab groceries with my mom. Last night something killed my ok mood. Who loves coffee? Well, how would you respond if you found a mom or dad spider in it dead? Yup that's what happened to me, and I got upset because I wasted coffee. Why would I drink that after having a spider in there? Turns out the only reason why I found a spider in it I didn't know I had small webs where I pour water in the back part of the coffee maker. I also saw a dead ant caught in a web where you have to pour water in. One thing to say..Nasty!! Since this happened to me once so far I have been somewhat traumatized by it a bit by looking in other drinks that I used relating to water. Although this morning I found a way to drink my hot coffee without using the maker until we clean it out. Months-a year ago I watched a YouTube video about this lady who shows how to make coffee without a maker. Today isn't any different not much going on at the moment. But, I am waiting for a phone call from a person to setup getting together with a friend. Other then that I watched a bit of some church live stream.

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cheri wrote on July 26, 2015, 9:17 PM

Today is Monday here, start of work and school. Enjoy your day

HappyLady wrote on July 27, 2015, 3:50 AM

Oh dear, I gave up on coffee makers ages ago. I have a caffietiere and use that all the time. I love fresh coffee, but now you have me thinking. My old coffee machine is sitting on the shelf, attracting spiders. I should give it away.

editor_20 wrote on July 27, 2015, 6:47 PM

HappyLady Well it's up to you if you have coffee anymore or not I love my coffee lol. My mom has been cleaning nicely for me thankfully. cheri It's a Monday for us over here too. I started off with volunteer work, and going to do some other stuff, but with my mom instead as the afternoon goes on.