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My Creative Idea Series: 1. The Madman Doesn't Care About the Weather

I have started using an online tool called “Creative Idea Generator ” to help me find new topics to write about when I can’t find inspiration in the reality which surrounds me. The principle on which I'm challenging myself is very simple: I will have the tool generate two random words and then try to make a post based on them. The first combination extracted by the idea generator was represented by the words “weather” and “madman”, so the lines that follow are the result of my attempt to express my creativity based on these two random words.

I can see him almost every week roaming through the city, wearing the same old and dusty coat regardless of the weather. The sweltering heat of the summer, the gentle breeze of the spring, the chilly air of the autumn and the freezing cold of the winter are all the same for him. Nothing seems to stand in the way of the town’s madman as he wanders the streets in search of goals known only by him.

Our paths often intersect when I go out. He sometimes speaks to me, as he does to anyone else, telling all sorts of incoherent words which come to his mind, probably triggered by distant memories of times when he was mentally stable. He had better times in his life, but for reasons unknown to me he went mad; yet he is a peaceful madman, he does no harm to anyone, he just mumbles his words and keeps speaking as he walks in the streets.

I guess no weather, no matter how hostile it may seem to the rest of us, the “normal” people, affects him anymore. The best seasons of his life are gone forever as there is no cure for madness, but I don’t think he’s unhappy either. He will just follows his trail on and on and on, until the day he reaches his "final destination".

Whenever I see him in town I realize that anyone could one day be in his shoes. I guess we should try to take things easier, to try to chill out even in dark and extremely stressful moments because the damage made to the mind can never be fixed!

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MegL wrote on July 22, 2015, 4:13 PM

We had a man in the village rather like that. Apparently his behaviour was caused by beatings as a child. emoticon :sad:

AliCanary wrote on July 22, 2015, 6:05 PM

Very good! I like how you handled this, and it is a great spur to creativity.

SebastianOnciu wrote on July 24, 2015, 12:24 PM

That's a really tragic destiny!

SebastianOnciu wrote on July 24, 2015, 12:25 PM

Thanks, I will try to keep on using this method which stimulates my imagination.