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Would anyone like to read a short story?

Can I tell you a story? Will you read my short story? That I create on my own. Right on the spot, right here.

I say, let's try.


There once was this fox. This fox was a strange character. For unlike most foxes, this fox was very sociable. He liked having friends. So therefore, he made friends. Now Mr Rupert Fox's best friend was a mole.

Her name was Daisy. She was a kind soul. Had the strongest heart anyone could imagine. Mr. Fox and Daisy have been friends for a very long time. They grew up together. As infants and as they got older, they got to be closer friends. Best friends.

When Mr. Fox was still a young fox, his family moved around the forest a lot. From one end to the other. Finding the perfect, and safest home for us. Mr. Fox's father was very protective of his family. You messed with one of his babies, and you would want to run as fast as you possibly could to get away from him.

And with moving a lot, there is usually no time to have any friends. But finally, after one move, Rupert Fox had had enough. He needed to settle down and he thought his parents did as well. So he talked to them both. Told them how he felt. That he needed to have a home, and run away from everything. This place is safe. We will be safe here, he said. Everything is going to be okay.

Truth be told, he had made a friend. Someone who actually liked him for him.

Daisy, A young mole who lived next door. She had the kindest heart, anyone could find. She was as sweet as honey, and was that way to everyone. Even the ones she disliked and wanted nothing to do with. She would snuff her nose in the air, take a breathe and be the sweetest person ever. Everyone loved her. And Rupert Fox was lucky enough to be her best friend as well as she is his.

Daisy thought Rupert Fox, or Red as Daisy called him, was the strangest fox she had ever met. She had met many different ones. They generally didn't stay very long. But when Rupert Fox convinced his parents, at the age of five, to stay in the little grove where the community was, she opinion changed. She no longer thought of him as just an acquaintance, but as a friend. Because he wasn't leaving.

As time went on, Rupert Fox and Daisy, became the closest of friends. They found their true loves together. They had children together. They watched each others children grow up. They were neighbours. They were a kind of family that was not made of blood, but of bonds and secrets.

They watched each others family grow older and finally when Rupert Fox past away, was Diasy able to move to a place that didn't remind her of Rupert Fox. It hrut too much to lose such a close friend of hers. Her brother. What a pain. Eventually, Daisy was able to live life without sorrow, and lived her life happily with her partner.

The End.


I know. It's kind of a rough read. But if you made it this far, then I'm impressed. Hopefully its okay. I'm going to nap with my man. Leave your opinions please!

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