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If God is really powerful and omnipresent, why evil is on the rise?

I was just wondering that if God is so powerful and omnipresent, why doesn't he prevent evil before it happening. Everyday news on TV and other media force me to think like that. A lot of innocent lives (including children) are being tortured and eliminated by terrorists who has no right to do that. They even don’t know who they are and where do they come from.

I think there may be a reason for that and God needs our help to wipe out evil from this world. And this way only we can make him more powerful and bring back world peace. I have heard that most of the terrorists have a mentality that “they are OK and others are not OK”. If a person believes in this he is destructive. If somebody is having a mentality “I am OK and others are also OK”, he is the ideal human being, striving for world peace. But if somebody believes “I am not OK and others are OK”, he is suffering from depression and diffidence.

I think we cannot blame God for the current situation. All these troubles are our own creations and we need to correct it.

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TheMightyThor wrote on July 18, 2015, 11:35 PM

There is a few things that I could say about this topic, but first and foremost I just need to say that my response here is simply a matter of opinion, and that each human being is entitled to their own so feel free to offer counter-debate to mine. Now, from my own point of reason, God exists in and of himself but can only be manifested through the hearts of men as they put the faith of their desires in HIM. Otherwise, you have what you see when you look around now--chaos and ruin--godlessness. I feel that the proof of this notion rests in the evidence that when you consider how many people in the world who are currently serving God in faith versus the people who are not, it is clear to see why most of society is evil. Most of mankind these days has chosen to do their own bidding which has gotten us all to where we are now and well, RUIN. To turn things around each human being must turn himself to God and away from his own bidding in an attempt to do what Christ came to do--Reconcile The World Back To God.

AliCanary wrote on July 19, 2015, 1:31 PM

People who believe in God have offered the reason that he gave humans free will and that we do as we do. When we do evil, it makes him sad. However, if you believe the Bible, at least the Old Testament, God was actively involved in the affairs of humans and punished people not only frequently, but severely and in great numbers, destroying not just cities (Sodom and Gomorrah), but countries (plagues of Egypt), and even the planet (the great flood). But the Bible was written thousands of years ago by men, and there's no proof that it's any more true than any other book--some people choose to believe it word for word, and some people see it more as a guideline.

My personal opinion is that we should do good and not evil, not because we are afraid of punishment, but because we know the difference between right and wrong. Why hurt someone who would not hurt you? Who CARES if they have a different idea about who or what God is? Just be NICE to other people! It's really NOT that hard.

cheri wrote on August 9, 2015, 1:45 AM

It is the free will that God gave us that we also tend to abuse. God has His own plans and time.