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Busier Life Updates and focusing on myself

Hi guys,

The other day I started volunteer work as a housekeeper for an animal shelter not far from my home. It was fun on the first day and therapy seeing dogs. My first time signing in, and out of the volunteer work this dog starts following me(I've seen the dog before it's the bosses dog I believe, and it's a nice dog). That's my favorite ending when I'm done with volunteer work on Mondays for 2 hours in the afternoon. Now the only problem I have adjusting to do is where we put the rinsed dishes away which is kind of like a dishwasher, but it looks kind of part oven sort of. I am a bit worried of burning myself the way I put the dishes in even though I was told I won't get burnt(try believing that if you're new lol they were easygoing about it), and the way I open or close it the way you close & open an oven. That Monday trying it stressed me out. I got through it though. Anyway. Something else to share with you guys..I went swimming with one of my siblings yesterday, and not only was it fun, but I can tell I burned some calories I'm sore as fudge. If you were to walk in my body with my legs you'd been in pain this second. Forget going swimming today I am in too much pain. I'll probably go again when I am not as sore. A second part relating to volunteer work I have been thinking of going to a regular volunteer program to give myself more experience for a paid job possibly this fall although one step at a time. One last thing going on is I am focusing on finding a professional to talk to about some stuff that I need to get through that has affected me for years. Otherwise from all that nothing else to fully be too focused on. Hope you guys are having a good Summer Vacation!! Sorry this is long you can see my life is hard to manage a bit lol.

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cheri wrote on July 15, 2015, 9:37 PM

Everyone of us should practice volunteerism. This is such a good attitude that can help our community and society

bestwriter wrote on July 15, 2015, 11:22 PM

You have so many topics here all rolled into one post. Swimming after a long time does result in pain but that pain is good pain. If one loves animals the kind of work that you volunteered will not tire you and finally hope you get a good counsellor to pour out your woes.
Have a nice day.

editor_20 wrote on July 17, 2015, 5:36 PM

bestwriter I know lol I have many amazing goals. I'm not in as much pain today thankfully it's calming down each day. Yeah me too on a good counselor. cheri Yeah lol!!

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