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My crazy child

So she took the blanket part off the couch thing she had just to lay on the floor. She seams to want to lay around a lot more than she ever has. I'm not sure of something is wring or if she is really tired at this point I am tired haha. And I mean she has been up for a little bit but not long. And every time I ask her if she wants to go night night she tells me no. So I don't think she is exactly tired maybe fatigue? But I don't see how because she doesn't like run around all day I mean when she is with my friend and her son they play all day and she barley even naps. But this has been happening a bit longer than just that. So I'm not sure but she is one crazy kid of mine!

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Kasman wrote on July 5, 2015, 6:08 PM

She's growing up and I'm sure it's just a phase she's going through. She will get better and fall into a decent sleep routine. PS: I notice you have two posts with the same title in the same category. That is probably not a good idea - you could name them post (1) and post (2)

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