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The Secret To Meeting All Your Goals

We all set goal, some are big and some are small, but so many people give up long before they achieve their goals. However there is a secret that once learned will see you hit all your goals every single time, this secret is nice and easy, but most people never think to do it as it often seems a little silly. So what is this secret, this secret that will help you achieve any goal you set yours self? Keep reading and I will tell you.

Over the years I have set myself some mad goals, goals that others have considered me batty to try and achieve but with this simple little trick I have managed to prove people wrong time after time. This tip is to quite simply break your goals down into bite sized pieces, the smaller the piece the better. The reason I say the smaller the better is because with small goals you hit them regularly and this keeps your momentum and moral high, which in turn drives you forward and before long all your small goals will add up to one very big goal.

For example lets take my goal of hitting one million persona paper coins, now one million coins is a huge target but by breaking it down into bite sized chunks of one hundred coins at a time, things soon add up. As I hit each 100 coin target, I get motivated to push fro the next hundred and more article ideas pop into my head. This approach works for everything, money, education and even advancing your career. By breaking down your goal into bite sized pieces you will not only reach your goals you will smash them.

At the start of this article I said that most people discount this approach because they think the small goals are silly or to easy to hit, yes they are easy to hit but as we all know a lot of small things add up to one big thing when put together. Take money, now say you want to earn $100,000 a year that seems a huge sum of money at first site, but if you break it down it doesn't seem so scary. $100,000 a year broken down into a monthly amount is $8,333,33 a month, still a bit high and daunting if you ask me so we will break it down into a weekly amount. This gives you $1,923.07 a week, this is still a bit big so we will see how much a day this would be and then how much an hour it will be. So when broken right down $100,000 a year is $$274.72 a day and just $11.45 per hour, now $11.45 per hour is not scary at all is it and now all you have to do is find a way of generating just $11.45 each and every hour. Personally I feel this is more than possible, all you need to do is find a few passive income streams and after some initial effort the money will start to trickle in and then flow. Bit by bit you will not only hit your $100,000 a year target but smash it.

Set those goals and break them down as small as you can, it will keep you motivated and will see you hit it each and every time. With goals motivation is key and this method is guaranteed to keep you motivated in any goal you use it for.

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Shellyann36 wrote on July 4, 2015, 9:23 PM

My goal setting is horrible. I have tried big goals, small goals etc... Life seems to get in the way. I want to improve this part of my life very much because one of my goals is to be financially stable.

msiduri wrote on July 5, 2015, 8:21 AM

My goals are small and modest and most importantly all—realistic.

mrtoffee wrote on July 5, 2015, 8:50 AM

I used to be the same shellyann36 often others would knock my goal and I would give up, it took a lot of work to change the way I saw these comments, where as before I would let these people or myself stop me hitting my goals but now I use it to spur myself on. My last post about my million persona paper coin goal has received plenty of negative comments, the important thing is to not let that negativity stop me.

Shellyann36 wrote on July 5, 2015, 9:33 PM

True having faith and confidence in ones self is crucial to succeed.

mrtoffee wrote on July 6, 2015, 3:26 AM

they sure are shellyann36

mrtoffee wrote on July 6, 2015, 3:28 AM

All goals are realistic &misiduri as everything is possible, when setting goals it is important to make sure that they stretch you and motivate you are the same time, if they do that then you are on the right path.