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Differing Descriptions of an Event Are All Usually True

It is common knowledge that if 10 witnesses of a store robbery--or any other event--are asked to describe and tell what transpired, the enquirer is likely to receive 10 somewhat differing answers. Influencing factors : distance away from the robbery; sun shining brightly in some eyes; differing perceptions, example, Some might consider 5'11" average height, others may view it as tall. Then, there is forgetfulness. I am having a perm on Thursday, but not with my main hairdresser who is on holidays. Consequently, I asked for the second on the list, but there was a problem: I could not remember her name and as I attempted to give a description of her, I realized it could not be of much help. I knew she was shorter than I am; has a stout build (not polite to say); has straight below-the-shoulder straight hair, etcetera. Since several hairdressers fit that description, they gave me a choice of three names, which was not much help to me either. How was the problem solved? By checking last year's calendar for who gave me my perm in August.

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suzzy3 wrote on July 2, 2015, 4:41 PM

My memory is like a sieve as well.