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"Would Not Believe This!

Holy! what the hell happened. I don't understand, it just came out of the blue, out of nowhere, it just happened. As if three different scenes were going on at the same time and everyone collided, and had different reactions. who's story was it any ways what time frame was everyone in and what was going on in the peoples minds for this to all happen. Three people sitting at a table eating dinner, no conversation happening, one is staring into space one is eating and one is trying to strike up some conversation. Next thing you know, no one knows who is talking to who , who is asking the question and who should answer. next thing you know a big argument comes out of one person bottles go flying bottles star being thrown now a big fight is about to come out but the other two don't engage because they don't know what this is about so the two are hearing this and watching it. it was like the one person was having a fight with himself. I was speechless as I watch and hear this. as I ask the other person did you know this would happen because he was staring at me and his response was yes. I could not take it anymore and I got up to walk away and now this person who was fighting something within himself starts coming to my direction, I stopped and turned around and looked at him and said, I am your friend , I love you , don't take out your issues on me, I don't know what your problem is. turned around a walked away. It left me in a wow kind state trying to understand without getting caught up in the middle of it. are people in there past present and future, do they actually know what there mind is doing to them and where and what time frame they are sitting in, because that is not mentally healthy. Then I think holy this is probably going on with a lot of others and the pain the trauma the anger the resentment is all there and it comes out but not sure where or if you had any part in that and which part you had in it. it happened so quickly that you need to be so present to understand what you did and how you made that person feel it might have been 30 secs of it being about you but the rest is about other people and what they did to this person. no wonder there is so much violence, so many innocent getting hurt that they have no idea why or how come this person is hurting them. I hope whoever reads this can pass it on and make it clear to other that its not always about you, you are just there in a persons story you can either choose to stay in that story and it could be a bad ending for you or take your pen and paper and make it a better ending for you. Remember we always have a choice how we react to any situation, makes all the difference in the world. God Bless

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 12, 2015, 12:41 AM

There are a lot of people with pent up rage, but what is odd is that some people have a good life and end up whacked in the mind. I have a relative who had a loving family but he is ended up a sicko with a lot of rage within. I personally will not associate with him. I think he is dangerous.