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Good Morning ! It is Monday!!

Phewww....A busy Monday morning, got some time to relax after a race emoticon :smile: Enjoying the coffee with some Persona Paper posts and bright Florida sun in our balcony.
After we started the play school of our little one mornings seems to be a little busy for me on weekdays.I have to cook the breakfast and make sure that she will have something before starting to school which usually takes a long time.But I will make sure that she had her tummy full before she starts her day at school. They do a lot of playing at the school and there is no snacks in between, straight to lunch at 11.45.

She was a girl who was shy to interact with other kids and with little stranger anxiety. But to everybody's surprise she got adjusted to the school within the first week and loves to go there everyday. Now, after three weeks straight she wants to go on weekends too.

I have to finish the rest of the work before she is back from school because she wants all my time in the afternoon to listen to her stories and appreciate her sketches from school.So Bye Persona Paperers for now.Catch you later. emoticon :smile:

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MelissaE wrote on June 30, 2015, 10:50 AM

That is good that she wants to go to school. So many children appear to have anxieties about school.

Akshar wrote on July 1, 2015, 9:35 AM

Even I thought she will be in the same category..But fortunately she loves the school.