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Empowered Journey: My Super Power?

Last year I had the honor of spending an hour on the phone with a wonderful human being. He is a coach, a mentor, and much more. We had a conversation about identifying my "superpower."

It was a rather unconventional conversation, which I absolutely relished. I like quirky, straight-talk that pokes at convention, which often limits my thought process.

Over the years, I have fallen prey to the ideas that set me up to conform. It is not my "nature" to do so, as I tend to be rather abstract and random in my thinking, but have heard much about falling into line as the first-born, then choosing to join the military. How I have survived certain "systems" for as long as I have floors me.

What I find difficult at this stage of my life is "letting go" to allow myself freedom to create and "do it my way." What I find so ironic is that others see me as doing it my way. In reality, I contain myself and do not go out on a limb as others think I do.

As I have been bouncing the ideas my friend and I discussed around in my brain, I am trying to wrap my brain around a phrase that he used to describe what he saw as a thread in our conversation.

"Empowered journey."

I wonder what this term might mean to others who would hear it. Would they think it complete hogwash?

If I were to work with others to become empowered on their journey through life, as I share my own journey pre- and post-empowerment, what would that look like?

Who might be those with whom I would work? How might I identify those who would seek me out for this type of coaching?

These are the questions that I am asking myself, as I begin to embrace this idea of branching out into a coaching business, working with people who are ready to get busy and approach life's journey from a perspective of empowerment, rather than hand-holding.

I am ready to concentrate on working one-on-one with personal clients, and in reaching greater numbers through workshops or events or (fill-in-the-blank). I have so many ideas bouncing around that I'm not sure where they will land.

It is in these moments that I wish I could collaborate. But is this only my fear talking?

One question was all he asked that sparked this barrage of questions in my spirit: "What comes first? The journey toward empowerment? Or being empowered for the journey?"

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DWDavisRSL wrote on June 29, 2015, 11:00 AM

The chicken or the egg, which came first. Perhaps, unlike my fowl example, one must first make the arduous journey towards empowerment to gain what empowerment one needs for the even more arduous journey toward ones final goal. Is that too circular an argument?