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Never give up

Never give up someone is always there. A friend a teacher a mentor. Someone is always there. God is there. God has seen that you have grown to the person you are today. He is a loving God. A God who knows your needs. He just asks that you obey him and keep his commandments. That we put of the nature of man. The sinful state of man. And we become one with him. Call upon him when in in need. He is there He wants you to come to him. he has never given up on you so don't you dare give up on him. God is the answer to all have you ever seen that your life does not go well when you give up. Here are so ideas to keep going and to keep god in your heart. Pray read and fast. Prayer is important because it will make that connection. It will bring you to him. Reading well spark the mind full of information and will enlighten the spirit. and fasting will help you become more connected. You will be able to keep in mind whats really important so pray read and fast. if you do all this you will be closer with God.

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