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Couldn't Wake up Enough to Write this Morning

We had a monster storm last night. Normally, I would love listening to a big storm, but my dog, Jasper, was freaking out and scratching me. I had to hold him tight to keep him from stripping all the skin off my body. As a result of getting no sleep, I walked around like a zombie this morning.

When I finally woke up, I worked on the blog I've been building. It's a blog listing and critiquing revenue earning websites that people can write for. It will also include arts and crafts websites. I've got to do a little more tweaking on it. If any of you would like to share some sites that I could include on my blog, I would appreciate it. Its called earn online leads.

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Ruby3881 wrote on June 26, 2015, 8:44 PM

I can think of several that you haven't listed, including Daily Two Cents and its sister sites, Seraphic Insights, and Etsy. I didn't get a chance to read, but I bookmarked the blog so I can come back to check it out when I have more time emoticon :smile:

wolfgirl569 wrote on June 26, 2015, 10:17 PM

Hope you get some sleep tonight. I will have to look up your blog later. Way behind on things myself today

CoralLevang wrote on June 27, 2015, 12:15 AM

I hope to check things out and read more. Get some well-deserved sleep tonight.

rescuegal wrote on June 27, 2015, 8:05 AM

I'm going to include Etsy. Thank you for the other names, Ruby. I haven't heard of them. I'll check them out.

rescuegal wrote on June 27, 2015, 8:06 AM

Last nights sleep was much better. The dog slept under the bed. Whew!

rescuegal wrote on June 27, 2015, 8:07 AM

Thank you, Corall. I slept much better. I hope the storms are over for a good while.

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wolfgirl569 wrote on June 27, 2015, 10:27 AM

Glad to hear that lol

Ruby3881 wrote on June 30, 2015, 10:01 AM

Daily Two Cents and its sister sites are run by Danielle McGraw and her partner Michelle Harlow. You may know them from other writing sites. I know Danielle is on Bubblews, for example.

If you'd like to know more about Seraphic Insights, ask me. I am the Facebook moderator for the site, and am in regular contact with the site owner.

Shellyann36 wrote on July 10, 2015, 1:31 AM

Poor Jasper. I am thankful that Sandy is not scared of weather conditions. I will have to go look at your site to see if I can add anything.