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Orphan Black recap, “History Yet to Be Written”


Rachel wakes up alone in a locked room. She uncovers her eye to find she now has a bionic eye and can see. She calls out, but nobody answers.

Art finds an abandoned building they can use. Scott sets up a clean room and Mrs. S. brings her mother in. Kendall isn’t all that happy. It doesn’t help that Mrs. S. is preparing an acid bath to destroy her body if Castor comes close.

Cosima talks to Shay and tries to apologies, but Shay doesn’t want to buy it.

Ferdinand and his goon show up and talk to Delphine, but Sarah is there to make a deal. Topside will get an original Leda sample as long as Castor is gone.

Coady meets with her higher ups. The Director sends Rudy to find the original. But all the clones have gone to ground, except Alison.

The good guys find Jesse, the tow truck driver Helena had fallen for in the second season, and bring him in so the two can reconnect. But they are interrupted because they need her skills.

Alison is campaigning because it’s Election Day. They’re busing around to the polling stations, and notice that Rudy is tailing them. They make a stop at home and Alison gets out. Rudy goes in, only to find Helena duct taping screwdrivers to her hands. They fight and between him glitching and her being a badass, she wins.

Art finds Mark and Gracie are holed up in a hotel. Sarah and Felix show up and demand to know what Coady’s next plan is. They beat up Mark and bloody his face. He calls Coady, as Rudy, saying he’s found the original and sends Coady the address. Coady and her team shows up, but Ferdinand is waiting for them.

Kendall explains that Duncan came back to her some five years later and told her that the neolutionists had polluted everything, even corrupting his wife. But he had hidden everything pointing to Kendall. Also, he told her there was a wild clone. She told him about her “daughter the rebel” who could get people away, and Duncan steered Sarah to Mrs. S. Kendall did it so her daughter could have some part of her.

Delphine wants to hide “Rachel” from Ferdinand. Nealon is making arrangements when Krystal wakes up. Delphine is later talking to Nealon in a cell, when he has her turn on a screen to see Rachel locked in her room. He offers her a job, but she declines. He tells her that they – the neolutionists – have been there from the beginning and that the science is beyond what she knows. He attacks her and tries to give her some kind of worm or something from his mouth, but she shoots him. He dies saying she won’t survive the night.

Ferdinand and his goon show up to take a blood sample from Kendall. Delphine calls and tells Sarah about the neolutionists. She explains to Ferdinand that Rachel is alive and held by the neolutionists. Ferdinand takes a bat to his goon who admits he’s one and states that neolutionists are “everywhere.” Ferdinand hates the neolutionists. He’s now joined with the sisters and wants them to hide Kendall and keep her DNA from Topside. He then makes use of the acid bath to take care of the goon.

Delphine visits Shay and tells her to give Cosima another chance. And to tell her that she should tell Shay everything, and she gives her a card.

There is a dinner at Bubbles with Sarah, Helena, Cosima, Alison, Donnie, Mrs. S., Felix, Scott, and Art. Alison gets the call that she has won the election. Cosima gets a call and goes out to see Delphine. They share a kiss, and then Delphine goes to a parking garage. Someone she apparently knows comes up and shoots her.

Charlotte walks into see Rachel and says that she will be her new mum. And then Susan Duncan – who faked her death – comes in.

Sarah, Mrs. S., and Kendall arrive in Iceland and Kira is happy to see them.


Wow. So a couple things. For the last episode I was worried about how convenient it was for Sarah to be a clone of Mrs. S. mother. I needed some guiding hand to not be stupid. For that hand to be Duncan … okay. I’m not super thrilled with that, but it’s fine.

I assumed that by not showing Delphine getting shot four more times they were leaving the door open to her somehow faking her death and coming back next season. But from some of the things I’ve read, it seems definite that Delphine is dead.

Someone not dead, is Susan. Last season, when we found out that Duncan had faked his death, I started wondering if Susan had also faked her death. When we saw Coady the first time , I wondered if that was Susan. But it turned out to be another character whose fate remains to be seen. But the when mystery woman watching over Rachel showed up, I figured she either had to be the Leda original or Susan . And I was right.

Before writing up more thoughts on the third season, I probably will go back and rewatch the entire series, just to see what little clues I missed. So that should be fun. But I may hold that off until we get closer to the fourth season, we’ll just have to see how long I can go without Orphan Black .

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