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What We Consider Important

A couple of days ago as I sat at a transit bus stop, I was joined by a lady with whiter-than-white skin covered with loads of face cream and some decayed teeth. We both agreed that it was a nice sunny day. I mentioned that this was a most enjoyable way of getting our day's Vitamin D. The lady said she took Vitamin D pills and avoided the sun because she wanted beautiful skin. At this point, she leaned towards me and with a big smile pointed proudly to her skin. What stood out most were her decaying teeth. I did not find her skin beautiful; but if I had, the picture the lady was trying to portray would have been a flop with those decaying teeth taking center stage when she smiled. I casually mentioned the dentist, whereupon she went into a tirade as to why she could not afford one. Her decaying teeth are not good for her health and certainly not for her self-assessed beautiful skin. If she had gone to a dentist regularly and had tiny fillings taken care of, the cost would have likely been far less than that of the creams and pills. Her prioritization is certainly not mine: Is it yours?

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Paulie wrote on July 3, 2015, 2:02 AM

You are correct. The condition of your teeth should take prriority over the color of your skin. It's amazing to see the number of Thai women who pay so much money for creams to whiten their skin.