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Sunday June 21,2015 Father's Day

Good afternoon,we have lost of rain,heavy at times.With some brightness now and then.

Day one cannot do much being outside.We did manage to get out for a spell.

I have been working on my Spanish lesson via duolingo.

They have a web page if you want to learn or improve whatever language that you choose.

I am refreshing my Spanish,slowly and reviewing.Learning a lot of new words.

Now if I only can remember.LOL.I was not very good in language.Words yes,but not in a conversation and never was.

Oh!I can say a few things,but not much.I love doing the lesson as they tell me it is good for my brain.

I do hope that they are right.Most of the day will be slowly quiet.

Have a good afternoon and stay dry.

Image Credit » the photo is mine.This is me

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 15, 2015, 11:31 PM

That is neat that you are taking Spanish. I am trying to learn Turkish. There are lots of learning videos on Youtube to help.