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Taking Your First Steps at Persona Paper?

Taking Your First Steps at Persona Paper?

First, I want to thank for introducing me to this awesome new writing/social site - as always, she is taking care of our “family”, and I am ever grateful for that emoticon :smile:

Second, I don’t know if I’ll spend gads of time writing helpful (??) posts about Persona Paper - like I may have done elsewhere - but I do like to be helpful, yikes.

And so here I am, offering up what I did upon arriving here at the new best place to be in the whole wide world. emoticon :grin: Yes, we are all quickly becoming addicted; don’t even try to hide it. It’s okay, really.

So. First steps!

I signed up under Lyn (I’m her referral, YAY).
I spent a good bit of time reading every (thank goodness for the underlining and bold and italics feature(s) here, thank you ) link provided.
I noticed that the Founder was quick to begin following me so I hurried over there and got to reading his posts.

Nope, I’m not kissing up. I want to learn everything I can about this place and he is sharing a LOT, so why the heck not.

I learned a LOT, too. I’ll share too, but in the interest of keeping these Persona Paper posts short and sweet...well...

Where were we??

Oh, so now I’m following the Founder and at least one Mod. I do admit I have to find his post again, about the Moderator(s) update, as I’ll want to stay in the know about who’s who here.

Bottom Line?

Taking your first steps at Persona Paper should NOT BE all about throwing content up and following folks around or trying to get them to follow you - or even getting paid the fastest. You should want to know the rules and FAQs and other wicked important stuff like that before you go off half cocked.

No WAY do you have to spend 2 and a half days reading and commenting and familiarizing yourself before posting, like I did, either. But do DO your Persona Paper homework, dontcha think? We’ll all benefit in the end. ♥


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Please Note: Anytime I offer any tips or tricks pertaining to PP, or anything else for that matter, know that all of it is just what I’ve observed as I traipse along this life. If you have a hankering to dispute, disagree, or otherwise share your better advice, PLEASE do. I’m here to learn, same as you :)

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Ruby3881 wrote on June 11, 2014, 8:35 PM

I followed the founder and moderators almost as soon as I got here. I think it's helpful to check in with experienced members, as they tend to share about the rules and best practices for a site. Each site is different, so it's great when the charter members or other leaders in the community are easily identifiable as they are here :)

Bensen32 wrote on June 11, 2014, 9:06 PM

Good advice, I can't say I took 2 days to read it but I did check the rules and FAQ and all that before I even signed up.

dorannmwin wrote on June 12, 2014, 5:27 PM

Very good point. This is a new site so I do think that it is important that we follow those individuals that will be providing us with the important information that we are going to need to know to grow up with the site.