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Spring Scallop Bargello Needlepoint Design

The in this picture reminds me of the beginning of the spring season. It was stitched on Day 2 of the one-year . Notice how the stitches create a rolling and undulating effect that makes one think of spring fields and meadows. Many bargello pillows have been crafted by some very famous home décor artists using this .

I chose four complementary colors in soft yellow and green silk threads to stitch the six-inch . The direction of the can be worked up or down to create stunning . You’ll see what I mean in future posts where I will showcase several beautiful variations.

Image Credit: PamperedPen, a picture of Day 2 of My One-Year Bargello Needlepoint Challenge

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AliCanary wrote on January 3, 2016, 8:31 AM

I have often contemplated doing bargello. I bet it's very calming and meditative, kind of like making mandala designs or coloring.