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World Refugee Day reports 40k people a day biggest displacement crisis since World War II

World Refugee Day 20 June 2015

Today is World Refugee Day , 1 in 122 are displaced, 40,000 more each day from conflicts and geopolitical interference. Millions from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, South East Asia, have become refugees and asylum seekers. 3,500 people drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in 2014, some 1900 in 2015 so far. More numbers here - but remember each number is a person!

A Global Issue

Also this is not just about major migration to Europe via the Mediterranean, it is not a European problem, the people are not a problem. My point is that it is global. Western media reports the hundreds drowning in the Med, but far fewer reported the 25,000 people attempting to cross the Bay of Bengal in SE Asia according to UNHCR, mainly Muslim Rohingya fleeing persecution, 300+ of whom drowned in the early part of this year. This is a worldwide issue, needing united resolution and aid of asylum seekers and refugees.

Personal Attitudes

Our attitude to people fleeing conflict, oppression, torture, should be one of welcome, not economic fear and racist xenophobia. People leaving their home countries, families, native language, are rarely doing so mere economic reasons, most flee for their lives, from war or human rights abuses because of their faith, sexuality, gender, race or political beliefs.

A Humane & Moral Response

Those of faith have plenty of scriptures to remind them to love the stranger/foreigner in their midst - yet many of faith have voted for anti-immigration political parties. Austerity is no excuse to lose compassion and close the doors to those in need.

Defining 21st Century and Human Challenge

Salil Shetty, Amnesty International's Secretary General says:

"The refugee crisis is one of the defining challenges of the 21st century , but the response of the international community has been a shameful failure."

Human Rights and Doing the Right Thing

How we react humanely as individuals and nations, defines our humanity not just our age. Globalisation means that we can and should respond quickly and generously and that we can share our resources with those in greater need than ourselves. Doing so is not only about human rights it is the right human thing to do.

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