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I've Gotten a Certification of Completion For My College Course! :D

When I moved into the United Kingdom in March 2014, I honestly couldn't imagine that I would get this far. I am truly happy that I've come this far.

Before I had gone to college, I was living in Hungary. Over there, I had a horrible past of failure due to the fact I had a language barrier and couldn't achieve much. In fact, it had gotten so bad that my principal urged my parents to send my brothers and I to an English education.

The reason why she had told them this is because the qualifications you gain in Hungary do not count in other countries other than itself.

She also noticed that we weren't happy based on the reports that the teachers made about us. We were suffering from the mass amount of oppression that came with the Hungarian education system. It was just too much for us to cope with.

If we were to live there and gain an education in Hungarian, all that effort would be for naught do to the fact that the achievements there don't count within the UK. We literally had no future there.

When we moved out, I can't express in words how glad I was. It was as if I had broken the chains of oppression and despair when we drove out of that country and into a new life of hope.

It took a lot of time to settle in, and eventually I managed to get a course called Fast Track that would gain me General Certificates of Secondary Education. Although this course was difficult at times, I can't say that I hadn't enjoyed it. The students and the teachers had so much life and humor to them. It was nothing like the gloomy atmosphere that was within Hungary. I felt hope and support throughout the entire year and my confidence in myself had returned to what it once was.

I was an A star student in the USA.

I've lost my status of being an A star student and became a complete failure in Hungary.

And in England, I have revived to being a successful student once more.

There is so much detail I've left out regarding my time in Hungary and within the UK, but if I added them in, this article would go on forever. It's not just that, but I personally prefer not to talk all that much about my time spent in Hungary either. In total, I've lived there for 3 years where many tragedies occurred. These include: losing valuable possessions from robbery, being forced to stay back one year due to the fact I was constantly harassed and bullied by the other students and a great deal of family related issues.

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Kasman wrote on June 21, 2015, 3:57 PM

We sometimes forget how lucky we are in the west in that we have a stable education system which tries hard to give every student a good education and for the most part succeeds. Well done!