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My First MMORPG: RuneScape

RuneScape came out more than a decade ago and it was the first MMORPG's that I've ever played.

Back then, the whole idea of having the chance to interact with other players worldwide was truly astounding. This game was the one that introduced me to that.

Before that, the only multiplayer aspect I was familiar with was from gaming consoles and that was it. But to interact with 100's of other people in the same game? That was far too much for me to comprehend.

A friend of mine told me all the sorts of things that were in the game, such as the silly dance, the random events, the dangers that lie within the wild... Being a child back then made the whole entire game even more fascinating than how I see it now. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to explore too much of the game due to the fact I had the most dreadful internet connection you could imagine.

Sometimes I wish I can go back in the past and play it the way I had at first, but the best relic out there is Old School RuneScape. Even though they resurfaced the game to how it was back then with the simplistic graphics and whatnot, the euphoric feeling that I had back then cannot be gained back. I know the map by heart now, I know a vast amount of things which even professional players may not be aware of.

Having no knowledge at all about a game makes it more fascinating than if you were to get a step by step guide about the whole entire thing.

...Woops! I rambled a bit there x'D

Anyway, I do really appreciate that they brought back the game as how it once was. If by any chance any of you guys play RuneScape or Old School RuneScape, let me know your username in the comments!

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LeaPea2417 wrote on June 17, 2015, 5:35 PM

My son played that when he was a kid, and because I his Mommy wanted to make sure he was ok and not talking to weirdo's in the game, I made myself a profile and played it a little. I have not logged on to that game in years. I have forgotten my password.

Kasman wrote on June 17, 2015, 6:55 PM

I've never been into any kind of computer gaming beyond 'Sonic the Hedgehog' in my younger days - and I found that difficult enough! These role playing games sound far too complex for me.
By the way, just a heads-up for something you may not know. Persona Paper has strict rules on image use and accreditation. You need to read the FAQs (button at the top of every page) especially the bit about image use and you may want to read this post by one of the site's owners, MaeLou - which details exactly what Persona Paper requires of image credits. Screenshots are normally the intellectual property of the site concerned (they are subject to the rules of copyright) and cannot be used without permission. If you fail to credit images properly or use images you have no right to use you run the risk of not being paid. Wouldn't want you to fall foul of a rule you didn't know about!

Syaoren wrote on June 18, 2015, 1:54 PM

I believe I've given the credit to the source I am talking about.
Old School RuneScape is run by the same company that created RuneScape.
Therefore, the domain name of the website is indeed the source of its image when you play the game.

Syaoren wrote on June 18, 2015, 1:58 PM

Well back then, I don't think there wasn't really any weirdos around. Yeah of course there are the spammers and whatnot, but from my experience, there wasn't anyone that posed an actual threat towards me.

I think you should go and check out Old School Runescape if you want to go back to where you were in the past :p

nitsbubb wrote on June 18, 2015, 2:56 PM

OMG that sounds like an great old game, I think I know this game, but I am not sure :)

Kasman wrote on June 18, 2015, 6:07 PM

Syaoren - yes indeed you have, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you credit as the source you will find that it says: ''This website and its contents are copyright © 1999 - 2015 Jagex Ltd and if you go to this page: (which is the revision as of 25 April 2013) you will find the same copyright notice. Just because an image can be found online does not mean it is available to use. The default position for online images is that if an image does not carry any copyright information it is assumed to be copyrighted and if you do not have permission from the copyright holders to use an image then you are breaking both copyright rules and the rules of Persona Paper and by doing so you run the risk of not being paid for your work.

I refer you to my original comment and urge you to read the FAQs and the post I recommended.

Syaoren wrote on June 19, 2015, 3:29 PM

Alright o_o"

I didn't know that I had to go that in-depth when it came to copyright sort of stuff.
I think there is a way to get rights to the photo since there are fan made wiki pages that serve as guides for players, but I'll stick with using an image from Pixabay that is relevant to this game.

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Kasman wrote on June 21, 2015, 3:31 PM

Syaoren - Copyright is important everywhere on the web! Pixabay is a safe source of images (mostly!). If you do see a copyrighted image or want to take a screenshot of something you particularly want to use you could always ask the copyright holder for permission to use it, if you can contact them that is (it isn't always possible). I have done so several times and have only been refused once.

Last Edited: June 21, 2015, 3:35 PM