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June 14th Food Log

For once I have begun to write this before midnight strikes, though it probably will be after midnight my time by the time I'm finished typing, as I'm very slow. There's really nothing for me to discuss about how I'm feeling that hasn't been covered in my past logs so I'll get right to it:

Breakfast - N/A - 0 calories

Lunch - N/A - 0 calories

Dinner - A Chipotle bowl with barbacoa, white rice, black beans, green peppers and onions, tomato salsa, corn salsa, cheese, guac, and lettuce ~ 900 calories

Dessert - 1 cup of vanilla frozen yogurt with cinnamon stirred in - 246 calories

Total - 1,146 calories

I absolutely love cinnamon ice cream. The Mayfield frozen yogurt has a very distinctive yogurty tang that grows more apparent as the ice cream (or frozen yogurt, whatever, it's ice cream in my eyes) starts to melt, but it's still delicious and wonderful when paired with a good few shakes of cinnamon.

Now, I definitely didn't do anything like intentionally skip meals, since I'd rather at least try to eat two meals instead of one big meal, but I was pretty amped up because I decided where I was going to live this year and when I went to go sign the lease I forgot about eating. My dinner was actually around 16:30 so it was more of a giant supper, or whatever that meal between lunch and dinner is called. It was really good, but I noticed that I didn't feel as good after eating it as I did eating my homecooked meals, so back to cooking rice and pasta I go.

No official exercise today, but I did wander the aisles of Walmart for a good 45 minutes (of just wandering, mind you. I was in the store longer than that) because I'm a terrible shopper, so that has to count for something, I think.

Tomorrow will definitely be a 'eat in' day. I want to try a new pasta recipe and add a handful or so of frozen veggies to it. If y'all have any simple pasta dishes you swear by, I'd love to hear about them. I'm always on the lookout for new recipes. That's it for this log.

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