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June 13th Food Log

Hello again everyone! Tomorrow (or I suppose today, as it's almost morning time here) will officially mark a week since I've been starting to watch my food intake. It's not been so bad - or at least not as bad as I thought it would be. I am eating considerably less, but I'm not always hungry like I anticipated. I feel a little skinnier, but probably the more surprising thing is my major face clear-up. Lately my face has been simultaneously oily and dry, flaking all over the place and very red. I've been able to combat it with copper peptides and moisturizer, but the problem can come back in just a day or two of neglect. However, now that I've really been trying to eat healthier and drink the proper amount of fluids, my face totally cleared up without any use of oils or moisturizers, which is the first in almost a year. So, here's the breakdown from today:

Breakfast - N/A, woke up too late for breakfast - 0 calories

Lunch - Macaroni and cheese with broccoli - 615 calories

Dinner - Two large baked potatoes loaded with bacon, cheese, sour cream, and broccoli - 1,169 calories

Total - 1,784 calories

I went over my goal, but considering I've been under my goal for the past few days I'm not that concerned about it; I'm certainly not going to beat myself up for enjoying food. I really enjoyed what I ate today, and I tried to make it a little healthier by adding broccoli (the only vegetable I have on hand that might go with those dishes). I've also been drinking some diet soda lately because I still absolutely love soda. It's not so much the taste as it is the texture - I feel like the bubbles settle my stomach. If sparkling water were sold a little more readily and without those weird flavorings added, I'd definitely drink that, but diet Coke is infinitely easier to get my hands on, so I make do.

No exercise again, boo. I'm blaming Orange is the New Black for that, since I've been watching it every time I get any free time to myself. I just finished the third season. Kind of underwhelmed, but I'll discuss it over another post. I don't know if I'll officially exercise tomorrow, but I'll at least try to walk around my apartment complex a couple times.

Tomorrow I'll probably eat my mac n' cheese leftovers, but I'm not too sure what's for dinner. I might run to the grocery store and pick up ingredients for a new recipe. That's all for my log right now though. I'm feeling pretty good, and I hope I still feel good the next week in.

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