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Still hiking. Still writing.

I signed up for this site several months ago and then lost track of it. I suppose I should do a little reading and find out what goes on here. I received an email this morning saying that my account would go to some kind sleepy time mode if I didn't write something, so I thought I'd write something. The picture I attached is from near Borges Ranch in Northern California. I work with children who have been referred by their schools for behavior problems. Many of the activities I do with them are outdoor activities. It gives us a chance to "be manly" (climb big hills, see rattlesnakes, hawks and coyotes) and also just to talk. It seems to be pretty effective. I get along well with the kids (they range in age from eight to fourteen), and don't act out much while we're out being manly. I think troubled boys need solid male role models.

In my down time, I enjoy writing, and so I sometimes write about my experiences on this writing site or that. I invite any comments about working with troubled kids, hiking, and about this site. Does it have any wacky "rules" I should know about? Is it fairly active? Should I check in now and then and write here? I'm sure some of you know me from other writing sites.

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morilla wrote on June 13, 2015, 12:55 PM

It's similar to and different than Bubblews. There's also a good deal of cross over in the membership list. Some have maintained both memberships, some have entirely left Bubblews, most aren't all that 'happy' with Bubblews. Here, you earn by leaving comments and posting. My experience is that I earn faster at Bubblews, but have much farther to go with the $50 minimum. Now that they are 'encouraging' people to stay active here, to whatever degree, that might change a bit - hopefully. You are more likely to be read here and there doesn't seem to be the same, wholesale resistance to 'longer' pieces that there is at Bubblews - provided you keep it from rambling. In fact, the members have been told that short is fine, but that 'substance' would be appreciated on occasion; i.e., something that could potentially draw traffic. That alone is an indication of a slightly different mindset than the other site.

Ruby3881 wrote on June 13, 2015, 9:40 PM

It sounds like you have a very fulfilling job! I hope you will check in here regularly, and maybe write a little about your life too emoticon :smile:

LeaPea2417 wrote on December 16, 2015, 1:20 PM

Hi, I hope you come back here to write more. I think I may have met you on MyLots. If so, it is a small world isn't it?