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Grandchase Profiles Featuring: lMachiKyrie

IGN / Name lMachiKyrie
Real Name Hunter Gaemer
Age 20
Favorite Character / Level /Rank Ronan / 56 / A+
Favorite Map Gorge of Oath
Favorite Pet Gon sometimes Goldy
Likes Meele Gorge
Dislikes Loitering at the Park
Couple I Haven't
FB Page or Website

Personal Message:

"Feel free to approach me in game, I can be a good player or a bad player depending on the attitude you are showing to me, so let's have fun playing Grandchase."

Game Achievments: (please describe)

I won in a GC Cafe PVP battle before and won an exclusive Grandchase Blue Jacket as a special prize last July 2011. I also manage to complete Berkas title insignia last month ago. Last but not the least I did manage to win an exclusive in-game item like Pets and Gachas in a GC EB before.


What is Grandchase ?

GRANDCHASE is a Sidescroll Platform MMORPG made by KOG Studios from korea since 2003. Grandchase Philippines server are being hosted by Levelup Online Games since 2008.


My Grandchase Screenshot Stash

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